Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Graphics Links

Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Graphics Links

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Shorin-Ryu Graphics Files

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???????? Early Nagamine Hanko?  I don't know, If you know please drop me a line?????????

Grand Master Nagamine in a demo during a USA tour Grand Master Nagamine in a demo during a USA tour Grand Master Nagamine performing neko-ashi dachi, chudan shoto shuto-uke on the beach Early dojo picture Congratulating 1959 karate champion Grandmaster and Soke Hanshi and Soke perform yakasoku kumite #3 early (1946) after beating Japanese Judo team Purportedly pre-war Photo in Scotland (I question the actual date taken) Three generations of Matsubayashi-ryu Three generations of Matsubayashi-ryu Hanshi in seated Zazen meditation Sensei Joe Schacht demonstrating nunchaku's under the watchful eye of Renshi Sam Palmer

Other Files

Map of Okinawa Osensei, 2nd from the right Osensei, front row, 1st on the right Osensei in Hawaii before his death Osensei performing a kata Younger Osensei performing a kata Sensei Sam Palmer, 5th Dan, Satellite Beach, Florida Osensei seated in Zazen Meditation Osensei Preparing to Perform FK1 Osensei in an Outdoor Kumite Exercise Osensei demonstrates Neko-Ashi-dachi chudan-soto-shuto-uke Osensei End of YKIII Osensei performing Wankan Osensei performing Niahanchi 1 Osensei demonstrating chudan-uke Osensei - formal pose in dojo Osensei - formal pose for dojo Osensei practicing zazen Early Kobu-Do Practice Early Dojo Scene Early Okinawan Masters - Can you name them all? 1935 Photo of Funakoshi Sensei Early FULL Contact Kobu-Do Protective Gear Early Makiwara Practice Motobu Sensei Hironori Sensei - Wado-Ryu A Young Motobu Sensei 1995 Poster to Okinawan Karate & Kobudo High school karate practice in Shuri in 1937 1960 Chibana Award Gathering Grand Master Nagamine Shoshin Grand Master Nagamine kicking makiwara

High resolution version of Osensei in a formal pose (Black & White or Color)

Formal Pose - Black & White Formal Pose - Color

Arakaki Sensei Kyan Sensei Motobu Sensei

Pictures from Ueshiro Sensei's visit to Sensei Sam Palmer's Dojo in Satellite Beach, Florida in March 1974

More excellent graphics from Sensei Lara Preston, Santa Cruz, California

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